22-sept.-2023 05:26
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TopoGun 1.05 released

TopoGun 1.05 was released today. Get the install kit from the DOWNLOAD section.
Very important!!! Uninstall any previous version of TopoGun before proceeding to install TopoGun 1.05.
Those who have a Nodelocked license can use their activation codes in TopoGun 1.05 too. The Nodelocked licensing model is now called "Offline".
The Floating licensing model remains the same in TopoGun 1.05.
The upgrade is free of charge for existing customers.
If you own a Nodelocked license, you are able to switch to the Online activation model, free of charge (if you bought the Nodelocked license before September 28). Contact our Support department in order to make the switch. You must use the same email address you used when you purchased TopoGun and also provide us your name and serial number, in order to make the switch.


  • TopoGun and TopoGun License Server now work fine under limited accounts on Vista. The installer should be launched from the user account you want to install TopoGun for. You should NOT run the installer under Admin rights, although you will be asked later for an Admin password. Also, after installation, TopoGun should not be run under Admin rights either. Remember that TopoGun will be available only from the user account it was installed for;
  • Online licensing model. For SINGLE licenses, the user is able to take his license anywhere and activate it if he has an Internet connection, by using the Online activation method (the single user license is portable);
  • Fixed alot of bugs;
  • Autosave feature: You can always recover the scene prior to the crash moment. The scene is automatically saved in the same folder as the original scene, using the same file name, except the extension, which is .bak. All you have to do is change the extension from .bak to .tgs and load the file as a normal scene;
  • Bridge tool improved rendering;
  • Improved startup time;
  • You can use ZBrush 3.5 polypainted reference meshes in TopoGun. Make sure you check the Colorize option before exporting the tool from ZBrush as a reference mesh (.obj). You'll be able to visualize the vertex colors and also bake them into textures, by using the Bake TopoGun feature.

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